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An unknown island. A royal family. A marketing dream!

In this satire, P.R. geniuses Tinny Law and Max Menin are hired by a huge tour operator to turn the unknown, and not too exciting island of Arch Knockardy into the hottest vacation destination on the planet. With not much to work with, the duo is given the chance to do the P.R. of the only potential tourist attraction of the small principality: its royal family. Seeing it as a welcome opportunity to revive their company’s reputation, Tinny and Max launch themselves into the project, only to quickly realize that there is more at stake for the little principality than tourism dollars.

Shot as a mockumentary, POSTCARD FROM THE PALACE is a fast-paced comedy in which the audience will enter a world where the line between reality and fiction is so blurred that they’ll want to read up on the royal members of the House of Knockaert and book their next vacation to the fictional island of Arch Knockardy! 

The shooting of the film is scheduled to be shot in and around Belgium.


Click here for HRH Princess Joanna's message.

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